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Epic Random Wars (Android App)

"Epic Random Wars" is an exciting fantasy game that brings your gaming sessions with friends to a new level. This Android app, built with React Native JS, is designed to provide a fun and engaging gaming experience. Join the epic battles and conquer new territories in a randomly generated world. With its easy-to-use interface, "Epic Random Wars" offers a great way to socialize and have fun with your friends.

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`EYP Spy!` - Online Board Game (Website)

"EYP Spy!" is an engaging and interactive browser-based game inspired by the popular board game "Codenames". It brings together the elements of teamwork, strategic thinking, and linguistic skills, requiring players to connect secret agent codenames based on single-word clues. The game interface employs a vibrant and colorful design, creating an enjoyable and user-friendly environment. It further adds a layer of innovation by including a real-time timer for tracking game progress and an option to switch languages between English and Greek, widening its accessibility. It also utilizes an email api to send a secret message to the Spymaster! The game is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, showcasing a seamless integration of modern web technologies to deliver a captivating gaming experience. It also needs no backend to run its all web based.

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`been there` - Places Visited Map (Website)

An interactive map log of the cities developed using HTML and JavaScript. The integration of the OpenStreetMap API enables users to interact with the map. Users can navigate the map, zoom in and out, and click on markers representing the cities have benn visited. Upon clicking on a marker, users are presented with a pictures from taken by them on location.

Project Image - PUG ME

`PUG ME` - Dog Dating Site (Front-End Website)

A dog dating website that focuses on connecting dogs with potential companions. The front end of the project has been meticulously crafted using ReactJS. The website offers a visually appealing and intuitive interface where dog owners can create profiles for their beloved pets, browse through other dog profiles, and initiate connections between dogs based on shared interests and compatibility. With its modern design and seamless navigation, the ReactJS-powered front end of the dating site provides a delightful user experience.

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Agile Advisors (Website)

An HTML5-powered website foe Agile Advisors. Featuring captivating animations and a user-friendly contact form. The meticulous attention to detail resulted in a visually stunning website that effectively showcases Agile Advisors' expertise while providing a seamless browsing experience across various devices. The project's success reflects the team's expertise and dedication in delivering a compelling and functionally robust online presence that accurately represents Agile Advisors' position as a leading IT company.

Project Image - CC Portal

Pop Market Customer Care Portal (Full-Stack Project)

An end-to-end customer care solution encompassing a comprehensive case logging and search engine. The front-end is built with ReactJS, while the back-end leverages NodeJS with the Express framework. The Firestore database is employed for efficient data storage and retrieval. The deployment is facilitated through Firebase. Multiple APIs are seamlessly integrated to establish seamless communication with external systems of the company and more, a custom API is developed to cater to the requirements of both front-end and other systems. The system handles a substantial volume of customer data, with over 15,000 records currently stored and more than 2,000 customer cases added. The utilization of Python for data mining enables the extraction and translation of historical cases into the new data format.

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`Pop Pop-Up` Phonecall Tracking (Python Program)

This project is a Python-based that demonstrates efficiency and user-friendliness. This project involves the creation of a pop-up graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to select various options, subsequently logging them into two designated Google Sheet files. By leveraging Google's API and harnessing the power of the PySimpleGUI library, a professional-grade solution. This project was developed for PopMarket, a company seeking streamlined phone call tracking and data management, but still keep it user friendly.

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`Playful Minesweeper` - Online Game (Website)

"Playful Minesweeper" is a modern, responsive interpretation of the classic Minesweeper game, developed using pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It embodies a lively aesthetic, diverging from the game's typical minimalist style. The design adjusts to various screen sizes, ensuring optimum playability on both desktop and mobile platforms. This project introduces an innovative feature where safe zones around a clicked cell are automatically revealed, improving the game's flow and player interaction. Right-click or long press (on mobile) places flags, offering intuitive gameplay. Despite its playful visuals, the game's core logic remains true to the original, demonstrating a successful blend of classic gaming mechanics and modern web development practices.